Different Types of Packing Boxes to Use for Moving and Storage

Packing is crucial when moving house after the decluttering process is complete. It becomes imperative to wrap all your belonging correctly using the right packing boxes. If the right boxes are not used, the chances of property contents getting damaged increase exponentially. Thus, while planning to relocate, it is essential to know about the different types of corrugated boxes used for moving and storage. Having this knowledge is useful even if you have hired removalists in Adelaide to manage the packing and transportation of your property contents.

Here is your complete guide on different types of moving and storage boxes available in the stores of Adelaide.

Tea Chest Boxes

These boxes are ideal for packing light things like clothes, toys, cushions, curtains, beddings etc. The boxes are double-strength with large capacities to hold a variety of light-weight items that may take up a lot of space in the moving truck if not stacked correctly. Expert Removalists in Adelaide use these boxes because they are good quality, robust, and capable of storing items for an extended period. Tea chest boxes are perfect for long-distance moves that may require you to put belongings in a storage unit.

Book and Wine Boxes

If you are a bibliophile or a collector of wine, then arranging boxes explicitly designed for books and wine bottles is essential. So, stock on these boxes that can not only store books, wine bottles but cutlery, crockery, bottles, and other items that are small-medium in size and need to be packed carefully. According to professional removalists in Adelaide, you can also put different types of holders for bottles, plates, glasses, etc., to hold things in place during handling and transit.

Cube Carton Boxes

These are among the most commonly used packing and storage boxes by professional removalists in Adelaide. These are multipurpose containers perfect for packing light-to bulky electrical devices, delicate items, and equipment. These boxes come in different sizes and can pack Big screen TVs, computers, laptops, music systems and much more. These types of boxes are used for local, interstate, and international moves. Expert removalists in Adelaide prefer carton boxes because they are versatile, easy to load/unload, and readily available.

Note: Although cube carton boxes are ideal for moving almost any type of belongings, it is essential to avoid using them for storing personal documents, photographs, and other things you should not pack in a moving truck.

Wardrobe boxes

One of the easiest ways to pack and move your expensive and exclusive clothes is to get wardrobe boxes. They can be used to hang the clothes straight inside the boxes from your closet. These boxes reduce the need to fold and pack each clothing item separately. Once you reach the new home, you can use these boxes as temporary wardrobes as well while you are settling. Expert removalists in Adelaide use these port-a-robes all the time for relocating clothes.

Flat boxes

Some items need to be packed flat and horizontally to avoid damage due to stacking on top. These types of packing boxes are usually stored on the moving truck horizontally along the container walls.

Safe Spot Boxes

Want to keep things that have a high chance of misplacement or getting lost during the moving process? Get safe spot boxes that are perfect for storing important and essential items like remote controls, mugs, keys, first aid kit, towels, furniture and other screws, Kettles, and snacks, among other things. Most safe spot boxes available in stores today have a checklist of these things that you can tick for reference to know what you have packed inside.

Archive Boxes

These boxes are generally used for preserving photographs, videotapes, documents, files, records, etc. The boxes don’t require tape to close and allow easy access to whatever is inside. If you have booked a storage unit for items that you might not need moving or have items that you will move in a personal vehicle, then getting archiving boxes is wise.

The Bottom Line

When moving to a new locality, city, or country, it is important to get the right packing supplies to ensure your belongings don’t get damaged during transit. Also, getting the right packing boxes will help you manage the space inside the moving truck and pack more things. So, whether you are DIY moving or have hired professional removalists in Adelaide, it is best to know what type of boxes are available in the market and should be used for your move.